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25 May

Mind-Body Connection – What is that?

4PM - 5PM

Come along to a free, 1hr, information session about the mind/body connection and how it plays out in your life… posture, butterflies in the tummy, tingles on the back of your neck, pain that can’t be resolved…
*Have you suddenly found that your shoulders are slouching?
*Are you experiencing heart palpitations with no medical explanation?
* Maybe that pain in your knee is just so annoying and can’t be resolved?

Pick up a few easy solutions, and maybe take up a special offer for an appointment to explore more…

In celebration of Natural Medicine Week – I’d love to introduce how your thoughts, actions and beliefs are all connected and what happens to your body when one is out of wack!

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Date: 25 May 2019
Time: 4PM - 5PM
Address: 6/1119 Pittwater Rd, Collaroy, NSW, 2097
Organizer Name: In2Balance Kinesiology
Phone: 0411361730


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