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24 May

Living your best with Lymphoedema


Living your best with Lymphoedema

Join Karen Robertson from Bodywork Massage & Wellness for 5 informative sessions at 9am each day during Natural Medicine Week.

Living with lymphoedema is an expensive and exhausting processes journey. This event we discuss how to live an active and proactive life!

About this Event
Living your best with lymphoedema – Masterclass series

Living with lymphoedema can feel like a lonely journey, with expensive and exhausting processes. In particular if you are rural to any resources of experienced therapists the costs of travelling, especially if needing to hire transport will add up to hundreds of dollars for one trip.

The World Health Organization’s strategy for managing lymphoedema is based on rigorous skin hygiene, antibiotics and is aimed at reducing acute attacks of cellulitis.

The results suggested that a home based program was effective in reducing morbidity and required no additional human resources.

In this series of Facebook live sessions we will discuss the steps that you should consider for you to live an active and proactive life living with lymphoedema.

Each day we will be going live in our facebook group at 9am for 45 minutes, you get access to 5 masterclasses for $55. Instructions on accessing the group will be available at checkout.

  • 24/5/2021 Day 1 The basics of lymphoedema and centering your mind
  • 25/5/2021 Day 2 Deep breathing and qi gong
  • 26/5/2021 Day 3 Do you know what you put on your skin affects the lymphatic system?
  • 27/5/2021 Day 4 how self lymphatic drainage massage (SLD) will get you better outcomes between treatments.
  • 28/5/2021 Day 5 Living your best with lymphoedema online tutorial overview

Registrations are for all 5 sessions, click here to book now!

Your Presenter:

Karen has 17 years’ experience in the massage industry and has been studying and practicing manual lymphatic drainage in her practice based in South Australia.

Karen’s clinical experience has led her to develop an online tutorial to support her work in the clinic. The tutorial ‘living your best with lymphoedema’ helps clients manage their lymphoedema at home between treatments



Date: 24 May 2021
Time: 9am
Address: Facebook Live (Private Group)
Organizer Name: Bodywork Massage & Wellness
Phone: 0484 860 208


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