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29 May

Free Buteyko Breathing Webinar

6pm - 7pm

Join Naturopath’s Lachlan and Connie from Biophilia Health for this Free Buteyko Breathing Webinar!

Naturopath’s Lachlan and Connie from Biophilia Health believe that one aspect of health that is often overlooked is the breath. Just as the correct diet and lifestyle choices are foundational to good health, so too are our breathing habits.
After years of practicing the Buteyko Method themselves and feeling the benefits, they decided to become certified Buteyko Method instructors so they could teach this valuable practice to their clients.
The Buteyko Method can assist in the following: 
– Asthma, hay-fever and rhinitis.
– Stress, anxiety and panic disorder.
– Sleep apnoea, snoring and insomnia.
– Childhood craniofacial development / dental health.
– Sports and exercise performance.
Join Lachlan and Connie on Friday the 29th of May at 6:00pm (ACT time) for a FREE Buteyko Breathing Webinar to celebrate Natural Medicine Week 2020. Learn about the history of the Buteyko Method and its therapeutic application in various conditions affecting the respiratory and neurological systems, sleep disorders, childhood development and sports performance. PLUS you will be taught a simple Buteyko technique for unblocking the nose!
Tune in to the webinar to receive 20% off all Buteyko sessions with either Lachlan or Connie up until the end of June.

Event details

Free Buteyko Breathing Webinar

Friday 29th May

6pm – 7pm

Register now by emailing: and you will receive a link prior to the event to ZOOM.

About Biophilia Health

Biophilia Health is founded by partners and Naturopaths, Lachlan and Connie. They met at University, where they connected through their passion for all things health and wellness. Together, their mission is to connect with, empower and enrich the lives of others. Both Lachlan and Connie had unique life experiences that led them to study Naturopathy.

Growing up, Connie saw loved ones go through illness and witnessed first-hand the devastation it has on the individual as well as their family. She wanted to help but didn’t know how. In search for the answers to good health, at age 21 she began to see a Naturopath to learn more about it and its health benefits. She was so impressed by Naturopathic philosophies and practices, which left her feeling great both physically and mentally, that she decided to study a degree in Naturopathy. Six years of intensive study later, learning about the multitude of factors that influence health, Connie is now ready to use this information to help others achieve their health goals.

Lachlan’s journey started when he was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer at just 20 years old. Immediately, he took an integrated approach of both orthodox and complimentary medicine. He underwent many invasive treatments but was also fortunate enough to receive some of the best and newest therapies in lung cancer. He complimented this with an incredible attitude of positivity, gratitude and resilience as well as putting enormous effort into his diet and lifestyle. Lachlan used complimentary medicine to support his body during the invasive treatments, as well as aiding his recovery and improving vitality. He found that complimentary medicine helped him so much that he left his electrical apprenticeship to enrol at University to study to become a Naturopath. Now, almost 8 years since his diagnosis, Lachlan is more determined than ever to help others on their health journey.


Date: 29 May 2020
Time: 6pm - 7pm
Address: Online
Organizer Name: Biophilia Health
Phone: 0430 323213


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