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26 May

Food Fight – Helping parents feed fussy eaters

7pm - 8.30pm

FREE Online Event: Food Fight – Helping parents feed fussy eaters

Brought to you by Naturopath, Jean Jarrett Natural Health

Are your mealtimes stressful? Do you wonder why your kids don’t want to eat the food you prepare? Need help? In this online event for Natural Medicine Week, Naturopath, Jean Jarrett will talk to you about to how to get adequate nutrition for your kids growth and development.

The session will cover:

  • Why you child might be fussy
  • Nutritional basics for growth and development
  • Ways to reduce stress and encourage your child to eat healthy food

Join us 0n Wednesday, 26 May 2021 from 7pm – 8.30pm. 

bookings essential. Register online: 

About Jean Jarrett

I have always been drawn to natural therapies but it wasn’t until I was struggling with my daughter’s health that I fully realised their potential.

When my eldest daughter was 5 she was not thriving, she had digestive issues, sleep issues, chronic ear infections and delayed speech.  She was a happy child but started showing signs of anxiety and there were whispers of ADHD.

None of the GPs or specialists we saw could resolve her mounting health issues. While wait-listed to see a behavioural paediatrician I decided to see a naturopath.

It sounds cliché but it was life changing. With dietary changes and nutritional supplements my daughter’s health improved in no time.  By the time we went to see the paediatrician he found it comical that teachers and GP suspected ADHD.

This experience changed the way I viewed food and nutrition and started me on a journey that lead to me studying nutrition and naturopathy.

Now in my own practice I help adults and children improve their health and wellbeing and thrive naturally.


As your children grow from a new born baby to an adolescent, they have specific nutrient requirements to support each stage of their growth and development. 

Nutritional deficiencies in children can lead to poor appetite, problems concentrating, low energy, trouble sleeping, reduced immune health and food cravings.  

Establishing healthy eating habits from an early age will ensure your children understand what constitutes healthy food helping them make healthy choices. 


Date: 26 May 2021
Time: 7pm - 8.30pm
Address: Online
Organizer Name: Jean Jarrett Natural Health
Phone: 0424 407 560


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