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01 Dec

Aromatherapy Wellbeing Workshop


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Brought to you by Deanne Kalda from maa organics

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This one hour workshop is designed for you to slow down, relax and reconnect to your inner calm. Deanne believes that when we deeply connect to ourselves and nature, our wellbeing skyrockets.

Aromatherapy is one way we can do this. This powerful healing tool can be used in so many ways. Connecting to the seasons is another way to do this. Autumn is the season of release, reconnection and renewal.

In this mini wellbeing workshop Deanne will introduce you to 3 essential oils for Autumn and simple ways to use them in your daily life. She’ll share how you can weave aromatherapy into the ritual of journalling along with some journalling prompts to help you embrace the energy of Autumn in a way that relates to you.

Then you’ll finish with a guided meditation to calm, soothe and ground your mind, body and soul.



Date: 01 Dec 2021
Organizer Name: maa organics
Phone: 0413 045 449


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