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30 May

All Disease Begins in the Stomach – Online Video


All Disease Begins in the Stomach

This event will now be created as an online video – ready to be broadcast during Natural Medicine Week.

Bookmark this link and save the date in your diary: 30/05/2020 at 2pm – 4pm!

Adam draws on his study of Chinese, Indian, Tibetan and Western Traditional Medicine, as well as 25 years of clinical practice to explain how diet and digestion relate to the majority of our diseases. Join this amazing and informative lecture as we discuss the role of digestion in creating both our constitution and our diseases. This unique lecture will be valuable to both practitioners and people interested in maintaining health as it draws on theories of the different medicine traditions and brings them together in a useful and practical manner.

Traditional Medicine views the maintenance of health very differently to modern naturopathic advice. In many instances, the recommendations are completely opposite. Learn about maintaining health based on millennia of observation rather than a few decades, and see why Traditional Medicine is fast becoming the complementary medicine of choice.

The video webinar is available to watch whenever you like, have a look now, visit:

If you’d like a reminder when the video is online, contact Adam via 0491 724 809 or

Adam formally studied TCM in Melbourne under Professor Wong between 1990-94. Since then he has made a detailed study of Indian, Tibetan and Western Traditional Medicine and has travelled widely to study these systems.

He has been in clinical practice for 25 years and currently practices in the Yarra Valley.

In 2015 Adam created to teach and promote Traditional Medicine and in 2019 he was highly commended by ATMS for his work in promoting Traditional Medicine.


Date: 30 May 2020
Time: 2pm-4pm
Address: Online Video
Organizer Name: Adam Tate
Phone: 0491724809


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