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Eating Mediterranean Style to Reduce Cholesterol

The story of the Mediterranean diet begins in the 1960’s with the Seven Country study by the American scientist, Ancel Keys. The study showed that the eating pattern found in Italy and Crete in the 1950s and 1960s was associated with low rates of cholesterol...


The Top 5 Things to Know When Seeing a Homeopath

So, you are going to see a Homeopath. You’ve booked an appointment with a qualified and registered practitioner and are feeling anxious about it – that’s okay! Here are the five most important things you need to know to get the most out of your first...


Inflammation and using food to detox

By Jenetta Haim, ATMS Member  Savvy health enthusiasts are becoming more and more aware that inflammation is the basis of many illnesses on a number of levels. When the body carries toxins, holds too much acid between the joints, which causes pain, or has an imbalanced...


Put mindfulness on the menu

By ATMS member: Debbie Pannowitz How do you feel about a nice big serving of stale popcorn? I'm betting you might have some other preferences, but just for interest sake indulge yourself in this research finding. Prof Brian Wansink from Cornell University has published a study on...


Practitioner insights from a Reflexologist

Meet Sue Larkin ATMS Practitioner of Reflexology Sue Larkin is a professional reflexologist who turned to natural medicine to heal herself.  Sue has now run her own clinic in Concord for over 15 years, Sue’s Healing Haven, which offers reflexology, Why did you get into natural...


Insights from a Homeopathic Practitioner

Meet Peter Berryman, ATMS President and homeopathic practitioner of the Clayfield Family Wellness Clinic who has been practicing natural medicine for 31 years. Specialising in Homeopathy, Peter also advises Naturopathy. Through this approach he helps treat anything from simple health issues to chronic problems. How did you...

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Insights from a Natural Medicine Practitioner

Meet Deborah Shepherd, Gratitude™ and organiser of the Embrace Life Festivals Deborah Shepherd ran her own clinic for 2.5 years before creating Gratitude™, a co-operative movement focused on raising the profile of the wellness industry and facilitating connections between businesses and their customers. Deborah also...


Eating with a spoonful of mindfulness

By ATMS member: Debbie Pannowitz How many decisions do you think you make around food each day? Maybe 20, maybe 50, actually it is at least 200 per day! How amazing, all of those unconscious decisions. With such a strong auto-pilot no wonder diets are so...


5 foods that can improve your stress levels

By ATMS Member, Jenetta Haim - Nutritionist and Natural Therapist Stress is a prolific illness in our world today. It permeates into our kid’s lives while they are still in school, creeps into our relationships, into our offices and stays with us through to old age....

Blog 7

Are you reacting to your dinner?

If you constantly have an upset stomach, headaches or skin problems chances are you have thought about whether something you were eating was triggering your symptoms. So what options are there for finding out whether a food is upsetting you ? The medical testing for allergies...

Blog 6

Travelling with a weak gut?

It can be quite tricky travelling when you have a range of food intolerances but even more so when you have a weak gut that is quite reactive. I have put a few tips together for supporting your gut whilst travelling however I would always...

Blog 5

Innovation in Healthcare

Last weekend I was at a conference where the topic was Innovation. It was an interesting area to consider as a Director and even more challenging was its application. How do you encourage and develop innovative thinking in your organisation?  It’s an even bigger challenge...

Blog 4

A new model for treating Alzheimers

I spent my June long weekend at a naturopathic conference in Brisbane where the topic was Neurology and Psychiatry. One of the surprise standouts from the weekend was a US researcher who presented 3 reversed cases of Alzheimer’s , something which really isn’t supposed to...

Blog 3

Stomach Aches and Pains

Tummy bugs can be a real pain however its possible to manage them easily with homeopathic medicines and a few simple dietary strategies. With any stomach upset it is important to keep up liquids to reduce symptoms from dehydration. Headaches in particular may indicate that the...

Blog 2

Treating Colds and Flu naturally

Most people are exposed to cold and flu germs on a regular basis but more noticeably during change of season and winter. In this blog I will cover some simple treatments both homeopathic and nutritional you can use at home for cold and flu as...

NMW ATMS Sugar Cravings

Stop Sugar Cravings

Q: I suffer constant sugar cravings that make it impossible to keep my weight down. Is there anything I can do to stop them?     Incessant sugar cravings that seemingly nothing has the ability to satiate can make life miserable. Fiona Workman (B. Health Science, B. Commerce, Dip....

NMW ATMS Coconut oil

The Truth about Coconut Oil

Question: Coconut oil is being touted as the new wonder food, the miracle cure-all for numerous ailments. I can’t help thinking it seems too good to be true. Is it?   The important thing we need to be clear about is that fats are not created equal....

NMW ATMS Mind body detox

How to do a Mind Body Detox

We’re well into autumn – and what a truly sensational one it’s proving to be in many parts of the country. Still, this is the season when nature slows down in preparation for winter – and in line with this, the pace of our lives...

NMW ATMS Quality of living

Good Life Satisfaction Helps Keep Bones Healthy

Women aged 60 to 70 who are satisfied with their lives have a higher bone density and are less likely to suffer from osteoporosis than their unsatisfied peers, a new study from the University of Eastern Finland found.   Age brings about decreases in bone density, with menopause constituting a...

NMW ATMS Quit smoking

How your Menstrual Cycle can Help you Quit Smoking

 A new study by Adrianna Mendrek of the University of Montreal and its affiliated Institut universitaire en santé mentale de Montréal, published in Psychiatry Journal, suggests the menstrual cycle may have an effect on nicotine cravings.   Fewer than one ex-smoker in 10 manages to remain a non-smoker after a year,...

NMW ATMS Optimal Ageing

Exercise for Optimal Ageing

If exercise figures on your list of New Year’s resolutions, move it to number one position, underscore it, asterisk it, diarise it and DO it, because staying active enables you to age optimally.   This was the finding of a study of amateur older cyclists by King’s...

NMW ATMS Integrated Play

Integrated Play Groups® Benefit Children with Autism

An ongoing challenge for parents of children with autism is how they can help their child socialise with their non-autistic peers. Pamela Wolfberg PhD, a professor of special education and communicative disorders at San Francisco State University, believes the solution may lie in a different...

NMW ATMS Gut Bacteria

How Gut Microbes are Shaping Your Body

A joint study from King’s College London and the USA’s Cornell University published in the journal Cell, reveals our genetic makeup influences whether we are fat or thin by shaping which types of microbes thrive in our body.   By studying pairs of identical and fraternal twins at King’s Department of...


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